Responsibility for your Thoughts

Section Introduction

Welcome to the section on being responsible for your thoughts. Thoughts and emotions are closely linked together, and are the beginnings of where our actions come from. It can be difficult to become fully aware of our thoughts, so work through this section slowly and take time to self-reflect and be honest with yourself. It might also be helpful to considering journaling your thoughts as you work through this section in order to better pay attention to them or discover just how aware you are (or aren't!) about your thoughts.


I've broken this section down into the following segments:

  1. Overview of section
  2. Introduction to being responsible for your own thoughts
  3. Practicing mindfulness
  4. Using metacognition
  5. Cognitive distortions
  6. Application and change
  7. Section end

Make sure you watch these videos in order, as they build on one another. There are also PDFs for reference, which I mention in several of the videos, to help you on your journey.


The "Wheel of Biases" PDF was not mentioned specifically but I included it because it's a great tool to help you identify biases you might have in a given situation. Having a bias is not always bad - but it can be. We all have biases one way or another. The goal is not to be completely unbiased but to recognize what our biases are and how they impact our observations so we can account for them as best as possible.

HANDOUT: Identifying Your Thoughts Worksheet


VIDEO: Overview of Being Responsible for Your Thoughts

VIDEO: Introduction to Being Responsible for Your Thoughts

VIDEO: Mindfulness

HANDOUTS: Wheel of Awareness

Wheel of Awareness.pdf
Wheel of Awareness-Alternative.pdf

VIDEO: Metacognition

VIDEO: Example of Judgmental Thoughts (Suspending Judgment)

VIDEO: Cognitive Distortions

HANDOUTS: Thinking Errors

Cognitive Distortions.pdf
Wheel of Biases.pdf
Thinking Errors.pdf

VIDEO: Application and Change

VIDEO: Summary of Taking Responsibility for Yourself Section

HANDOUT: Summary Worksheet of Being Responsible for Thoughts



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