Responsibility for your Emotions

Section Introduction

In this section, you will learn about how to recognize and manage your own emotions so that you can be fully responsible for them in your life. This will be vital to healthy relationships - both with yourself (caring for yourself) and with others (caring well for them).


Here are the segments for this section:

  1. Getting to know your emotions
  2. Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up processing
  3. Putting emotions into context
  4. **DEEPER DIVE**
  5. Unresolved Emotions


**In this section, I've also recorded a Deeper Dive on Coping with Emotions. Visit the Deeper Dive section of this course to view that material. It will cover:

  • Coping with Emotions
  • Left Brain vs. Right Brain functions
  • Coping Skills for the right situation

**Also, if you’re using the notes provided as you listen, you may need to pause or go back in the lecture to write down key info.

HANDOUT: Section Note-Taking Guide


VIDEO: Getting To Know Your Emotions

HANDOUTS: Emotion Feeling Words & Temperatures

Emotion Temperatures in the Body.pdf
Emotional Word Wheel.pdf

VIDEO: Top-Down and Bottom-Up Processing

HANDOUT: Brain-Based Processing Approaches

Brain-Based Approaches.pdf

VIDEO: Putting Emotions Into Context

VIDEO: Unresolved Emotions

HANDOUT: What You've Learned About Your Emotions



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