Overview of Boundaries and eCourse


Welcome to my eCourse on Boundaries! I hope you take your time watching these videos, do the worksheets, and slowly absorb the information and give yourself opportunities to apply it to your life.

It's important that you start with yourself as you think about Boundaries, and then apply what you know to your relationships with other people after that. This will give you good knowledge, experience, and skill to be able to apply these principles with confidence and compassion.

In this overview, you will learn about why boundaries are important, who they are for, and how they can help you.


Throughout this eCourse, you will find several elements to interact with in each section:


Just like this introduction text, there are areas of text to introduce you to the subject or section. These will usually be at the top or beginning of every section. Please take the time to read them as they will give you useful instructions for that section or an overview of it.


Since this is an eCourse, I'm using videos to teach the material. Each section has its own video, or multiple videos. Some of the videos are lecture format (me talking to you), and some of them use visuals such as pictures or drawings from my iPad (a substitute for my whiteboard) along with my teaching.

By default, these videos autoplay when you start a section. There's not a way for me to change this as of right now, but if the option does become available I'll change it!


I've created several handouts in each section to supplement the videos and to enhance your learning. These handouts include PDF documents or JPG/PNG images for you to view or download. Some of them are worksheets, and some of them are for you to take notes as you work through this eCourse.

By default, these documents are viewable as you scroll down through each section. Think of this like a preview of the document. You can see it or download it to save it and fill out the handouts that have fillable sections.


Finally, each section has a short quiz that summarizes the material from that section. I've kept them short, around 8-12 questions long, just to help you test your knowledge. The quizzes are not graded and there's no negative consequence for missing questions or failing! It's purely to test how much you learned so you can go back and study a particular section or subject. :-)

Also, make sure you mark ALL the correct answers. Some questions have only one correct answer; others have more than one.

Contact Me

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for this eCourse at any point, I would love to receive your feedback and address your needs! Please send an email to me at [email protected].

NOTE: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, recording and publication of this ecourse has slowed! I apologize for the delay, but please know it is my priority to record and release content as quickly as possible. In the meantime, check back for updates over the next several weeks.

HANDOUT: Your Reasons for Taking This Course


VIDEO: Introduction to the Presenter

HANDOUTS: Fill in the Blank Note-Taking Guide


VIDEO: Who Is This Course For?

VIDEO: Why Are Boundaries Important?

VIDEO: What Are Boundaries?

HANDOUTS: Intro to Boundaries

Boundaries PDF.pdf
Boundaries 2 PDF.pdf


Instructions: Mark ALL correct answers. Some questions have only one correct answer; others have more than one.

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