Responsibility for your Actions

Section Introduction

Now that you have a good awareness of your thoughts and emotions, we can put it all together to see how all that behind-the-scenes activity manifests itself to produce the actions we take - the things we say and do.

The tricky part here becomes taking responsibility for what we say and do as well as the impact it has on other people, without taking responsibility for their feelings or reactions. When we are accountable for the impacts on other people, we may need to take new actions to make repairs for harming someone or to make up for something. However, it is always up to them to manage their reactions (internally) and responses (externally) to us.


Here is the outline for this section:

  1. Introduction to taking responsibility for your actions
  2. What it means or looks like to take ownership of your actions
  3. How cause and effect inform what we are responsible for

VIDEO: Intro to Section & Practice Exercise

VIDEO: Practice Exercise Explained

VIDEO: Cause & Effect


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